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Special Relativity Basics

The Lorentz Transform

Problems with the Lorentz Transform

Why Time Dilation must be impossible

Experimental evidence for Time Dilation

Problems with Length Contraction

Alternatives to Relativistic Mass

Faster than Light travel

Magnetism explained

Magnetism - proof of concept

Static Electricity

Electric Fields



The Sideways Force

The Sideways Force - part 2

Atomic Orbits

Matter-Energy Conversion

Matter-Energy Conversion - part 2

Determining the Electron Structure

General Relativity

General Relativity - part 2

General Relativity Experiments

Nuclear Forces

Nuclear Forces - part 2

Particle Physics

Atomic Nuclei

Structure of Protons and Neutrons

Quantum Mechanics

Subatomic Particles



Cosmology - part 2

Supplementary Chapters

(linked-to from above chapters)

Relativity Challenge

Relativity Challenge - part 2

GPS, Relativity, and pop-Science Mythology

GPS Mythology - part 2

Magnetic Test of Length Contraction

Muons and Relativity

Magnetism proof of concept - part 2

The de Sitter Effect

The Photoelectric Effect

Diffraction of Light

Gravity Lensing in Abell 1689

Mercury’s Perihelion Advance

The Speed of Gravity


Superconducting Model of the Sun

Expanding Earth Hypothesis

Ideas for Propellantless Propulsion

A Case for Absolute Velocities

Paul Gerber: The Propagation of Gravity

Alternative Physics ... Because what you know, ain’t necessarily so