Funny stuff

Below are a number of writings showing a lighter side of science controversy.  Although presented as humour, their main purpose is to be educational, and hopefully you’ll learn from their content.  Enjoy!

Relativity Facepalm

Relativity Facepalm - part 2

Solving the Twins Paradox

Dead Twins

Progressive scientist:
We are pleased to announce our team has finally completed its year-long research into the standard model of particle physics using the newer-generation accelerators.  Our results show strong promise for the possibility of cold fusion, while also indicating that various assumptions behind quantum chromodynamics need to be sharply resived, and that certain aspects of Big Bang cosmology should be dismissed altogether.  We herein submit our results for publication and invite your considered review.

Mainstream response:
Sneer, sneer, jeer, jeer, scoff, snort... "but Einstein said...blah blah... and according to Hawking...rhubarb rhubarb"... snarl, snort, scoff, deride, deny, denounce, suppress, censure, ban, bury.


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